The Trade deadline came and went with a little bit of a whimper

Other than a slew of small moves including draft picks, only The Shit Storm picking up some depth and pitching in exchange for a Keeper for next year for Double H in Troy Tulowitzski was anything of substance.

Shit Storm got SP-Jeramy Hellickson and CL-Jose Valverde back from Double H in exchange for SS-Troy Tulowitzski who they had traded to Double H earlier in the season.  Double H is in full planning mode for next season.  Shit Storm is still reeling from the trade made two weeks ago with SW Florida that sent closer Fernando Rodney and Catcher Joe Mauer in exchange for pitching depth and RP-Jonathan Broxton who is now only a set-up man with Cincinnati.

Only one big name player trade took place but a slew of back room deals were hammered out to include draft picks.  Last year’s league champion Cape Coral Spaghetti Cats were the main catalyst, finally unloading some weight in exchange for magic beans for next year.  They are in full “Marlin Mode” in deconstructing their championship team and unloading what talent they have remaining.

In essence, the team will likely get both major players it traded away back as the term “rental” was bandied about.

Based off the trade offer that SW Florida proposed earlier in the month, Cape Coral “rented” out Chris Sale to The Shit Storm in exchange for a 10th rounder.  Also, The Spaghetti Cats rented out Gio Gonzales and Jose Quintanna to D-Spot for undisclosed draft picks that are rumored to be as high as a 4th round pick amongst others.

The deal for Gio Gonzales is based upon Cape Coral getting the Nationals pitcher back from D-Spot in exchange for draft picks.  There is a rumored deal between Double H and Cape Coral that would then be hammered out after the season for more draft picks.

SW Florida balked at the price tag for a rental on a player that is currently in a six-man rotation in the form of Sale.  The price also was higher for Shit Storm as they didn’t get the swap of 11th rounders that Cape Coral and SW Florida discussed in “rental and return” principles that were being discussed.

This is the first year that draft picks are being able to be traded in place of players or other draft picks.  This year also opens the door for off-season trades and roster moves.