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Hey Minneapolis, WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!  And vote for this dude for Mayor!!!

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BOYCOTT Al Jazeera America!!!

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Let me translate the video for you:
‘Derka derka derka…look at this ass hole faking an injury with no bullet hole and pretending to be hurt use his foot to keep this doctor from working on him….what a bunch of frauds Al Jazeera are in perpetrating Muslim Brotherhood propaganda DERKA!  DERKA DERKA!’

Seriously, where is the outrage that the US will allow this garbage to be on it’s airwaves?  Seriously, Al Jazeera America is an absolutely dangerous item to have and it’s treasonous that our government lead by Barry Hussein Obama would allow this shit on our airwaves.


Where’s Al Sharpton and the scum bag race baiters?  Isn’t this a hate crime???
This little bastard was laughing, joking and acting as if there were no consequences for his actions and showed no remorse for the killing of a white college baseball player.


Hey Obama, could this have been your son too???


eligion of Peace my ass.  Islam is an evil cult.

Apparently it’s OK to beat your wife if you are a muslim…

And apparently there is no uproar or concern about a noted cleric going on TV to tell people how better to beat said property wife.




Obamacare to increase some healthcare costs in the state of Georgia as much as 198%…

The big lie from ‘The Dear Leader’ could bring states to their knees…which is what he wants.



If this isn’t a good representation of the Obama administration, I don’t know what is…
Barry O goes 2-for-22 shooting bricks at the White House (think of those as his presidential policy…
Then, the only good part was when he finally had a good idea and left (to cheers)…that’s him when he finally leaves office.

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Imagine this one: A Pelosi is complaining about the cost of healthcare coverage for all players as the reason for the demise of the UFL…only problem is, they never seemed to understand basic business sense in operating the UFL, I mean, they’re paying to have their league broadcast!!!

In another indictment of liberals everywhere, I give you the UFL’s collapse being blamed on workers compensations coverage.  Yes, that’s right, Mr. Nancy Pelosi, owner and shyster of the California UFL team located in Sacramento, operated illegally with Pelosi campaign cash is blaming the enormous cost to protect and cover player insurance costs as the reason for the downfall of the league (

No, really.

However, it’s clear that Mr. Nancy Pelosi has ZERO understanding of how business works much like his liberal bitch wife.  They are actually paying to have CBS Sports Network about $150,000-per game to be televised and absolutely NO ONE is going to their games.  So, they have no income, they have all sorts of pay-outs and have no idea how to pay for them.  Uh, hello?  Blame something other than your own stupidity?  I’m surprised they haven’t blamed Mitt Romney on this yet.

The UFL has been an abortion since it came together with shysters and crooks like Pelosi at the helm.  They’ve had absolutely no product value, they’ve had abysmal marketing (which is an insult to saying there ever was a marketing campaign of any kind) and oh, yeah, NO ONE is watching or going to games.  That’s not exactly understanding how to operate a business.  I would argue that the Lingerie Football League has a better business model and more exposure.

Pelosi and his wife also are still being sued by Dennis Green because they owe him money and lied to him repeatedly.  This is the husband of the lady that used to rule over the House of Representatives and voted for Obamacare WITHOUT reading it and said she’d find out about it after it was law.  Yep.  Makes sense.  Just like having a football league no one is interested in because it’s so poorly presented and operated.


Congratulations if you pay for your own cell phone, you’re subsidizing free “Obamaphones” via the Universal Access Charge on your bill.  And for what?  So people like the woman in this video can have 30 phones for no reason and for many of the abusers in the system to sell them to drug dealers.

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Obama’s hateful speech, has him using different voice inflection, touting racist tones and giving a ‘Shout out’ to dear Reverend Wright who he soon of course distanced himself from for convenience.


















Here we capture the true sound and viewpoint of the typical Obama supporter.  If you vote for him, you are pretty much the same person as this right?  I mean, the liberal media tries to link those that are racist and hateful with the Republicans and continually paint a skewed picture of conservatives.  Why can’t we paint this ignorant picture of the typical Democrat in action here, ranting, raving, being absolutely ignorant, lacking any intelligence and not even being able to speak proper English.  This seriously should disgust everyone, but you won’t see it on mainstream news now will you?

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Romney can be come back candidate like Ronald Reagan, polls suggest that it can happen, you won’t hear about it from liberal media in Obama’s lap.

Editorial by Mike Zimmer

In 1980, Republican nominee for President Ronald Reagan was largely panned as a candidate.  Although he won a decisive victory over lame duck and ineffectual Jimmy Carter, the election was very much in doubt well up to the conventions where Reagan was really introduced to the American public, or, re-introduced as he’d been talked about as a candidate for over a decade.

In 2012, Mitt Romney may not be Ronald Reagan exactly, but he may be the right man for the time, much like Reagan.  Romney like Reagan ran and lost the nomination to the party in previous election cycles and he was largely demonized by a liberal press who didn’t trust someone that seemed to fit the office, too much so in fact.  In 2012, Barrack Obama is a lame duck president and like Jimmy Carter the American public knows he does not deserve another term in office.  Like Carter he’s been an ineffectual leader, an indecisive leader who is too liberal in policy and too weak for the job.

Yet, the media and the polls want to insist Obama is the favorite heading into the fall.

Ronald Reagan trailed President Carter by as many as 14% points in the spring on 1980.  By August he was still 9-points down.  He got a pronounced bounce by a very well spoken convention and given the final boost via the debates in which he shined.  Romney has not been as far behind the president in the latest polls, in fact, he’s been more polarizing a figure and has received an even lower approval rating than even Carter in his botched presidency of the late 70’s.  Romney can win this election.  Don’t let the liberal media fool you in to not believing it.

The swing states are the vital bits to watch and in all but Ohio it would suggest Romney is gaining or has over-taken Obama in the polls.  North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Florida and Wisconsin show Romney ahead while Ohio was considered within the margin of error in the believable polls.  Romney has the momentum and the swing states in the right direction with a slam dunk VP choice.

If you look at every outlet where the media insists it’s might and right, you see the poisoning of the well.  They hate the right and they hate anything that remotely indicates any conservative tendencies.  And, the media inserts it’s little bits, jabs and pokes at every turn, even where it doesn’t belong such as sports, inserting it into places like popular culture where it’s turned into a talking point versus a real issue.

What are the real issues?  It’s the economy stupid is still the simplest area of concern.  Obama has heaped debt on top of debt with an un-popular health care law, heaped taxes upon small business and corporations alike and put the burden on the American public with few answers as how to help turn the country around other than to hand out federal money in the form of welfare, food stamps, hand outs and give away programs paid for by those of us dumb enough to keep working for real income and real success in this country.

It’s not about abortion.  Romney and the Republicans are not going to strip your right to kill your unborn fetus.  Hell, I’ll be the first to say I’m all for more abortions, it means less stupid people and it means less people getting welfare and hand outs.  Though, I don’t want to pay for someone’s abortion.  Wear a fucking condom like everyone else!

It’s not about gay rights.  Romney isn’t going to enslave gays.  Nothing will change in the world for gays other than their taxes will decrease, they might actually get a good health care plan out of the botched Obamacare nightmare and might actually be able to find a job.  Gays are not an issue.  Seriously, did anything change for gays under Bush?  If anything they gained ground as a cultural platform.  Under Obama did they get any further rights?  No.

It’s not about the rich getting richer and not about the declining middle class.  Trust me folks, there is no middle class anymore.  The rich in this country are considered anyone who works hard for and is successful in life.  If you are successful, own a business and bust your ass, you’re rich.  You have too much, that’s the message that comes from liberals and Democrats these days.  They’re playing us vs. them, class warfare and nothing more.  You cannot get something for nothing in this country and you cannot have nothing and expect everything in this country.  Yet, the Democrats and liberals play this card though they are as rich and stuffed anyone but are hypocritical when they pander to the lowest denominators.  Those low denominators?  Well, that group grows with every passing year people can’t find a job, find a better job, don’t have something or feel alienated due to the malaise in Washington.  The lowest are then offered a hand out (how about 50-million added to food stamps or welfare in the last 4-years) and told to rely on it and love the government for it.  That my friends is socialist dogma, and Obama excels at it.

This country is about to collapse if we keep on our current path.  Let’s be honest and real for a minute and ask yourself a tough question:  Do you really think it’s ever going to get better in America if we don’t change something big and fast?  The truth is that I’ve never felt less confident in being an American, in America and the path we’re taking than I do now.  If we don’t change course, we’re headed for the cliff of fiscal collapse on top of social break down.  There is absolutely no safety net left for Americans with the robbery of the treasury that is Obama’s American plan for socialization.  On every major economic issue he’s punted and America has suffered.  At every opportunity he’s taken executive power to the max to usurp what the American populace wants.

Romney/Ryan offer hope for a new plan, an actual leadership of ideals and hopes for something greater, not something status quo.  I feel inspired that there is hope in America with these two at the helm.  With a presidency that leads from economic strategy and leadership of decisive nature, we can come from behind and be great again.  There is a confidence in this ticket and a confidence that some legitimacy, dignity and strength can be returned to the government, especially in the White House.

The lap dogs in the media won’t spin this yarn for you.  They’ll spin a web in the opposite direction and tell the story from a slant that proves that 92% of all media members voted Democrat in 2008.  They’ll mock this man, they’ll mock this ticket and they’ll mock the values that they stand for.  And why?  Because they are in love with Barry.

Don’t believe the lie.  Don’t believe in the lie behind the lie.

Romney can win, Romney will win and we’ll be better for it.


Gawker Media is a money laundering shell company based in the Cayman Islands, lacks integrity to mention that while bashing Romney and Bain Capital for the same thing.

Should it surprise you that covers soccer mostly because their master is a liberal Brit?

In what amounts to a complete lack of integrity and the height of hypocrisy from the liberal media, Gawker Media, home to such sights as is bashing Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for having Cayman Island accounts and seeking tax havens.  Big fucking deal by the way, with crippling corporate taxes levied against businesses big and small in this country, can you blame anyone seeking a tax haven?

Oh, but wait, Gawker and their smug ilk forgot to mention they do the same thing and actually operate in a much more nefarious fashion, seemingly more like a shell company that launders money, or so this report from National Review would suggest (

This country is being led astray by a media driven by leftist views that would make the folks in Pyongyang envious of their angle.  Gawker not unlike almost every other “mainstream” media outlet has been hijacked by an element that is set on making left leaning and socialist seem the center.  They are typically hypocritical and lacking any kind of moral or philosophical integrity to admit it or report it from such an angle.

ZNN has no illusive intent.


Liberal school election analysis points to Romney win in November…the numbers don’t lie…poll correct since 1980 in predicting outcome.

The Hippie-Dippys that call the Republic of Boulder (Colorado University) home probably are harumphing about their own data and on a serious bummer trip after realizing that Barry Obama is going to lose the election to Willard “Mitt” Romney in November.  It’s true, their numbers don’t lie, at least, they haven’t yet.

Since publishing research that considered economic issues in battle ground states among other factors, the Colorado University election analysis has correctly called the election every correctly since it’s inception in 1980.  They are putting their research analysis in favor of Romney in this election cycle (

Gallup is singing a similar tune and individual state polling date at traditionally neutral pollsters has Romney holding a slight edge and in some cases ahead as many as 6-percentage points.  Meanwhile the tried and true liberal media polling numbers point in the opposite direction as they insist on leading the unsuspecting public astray and swayed to their liking.

ZNN polling data shows that Romney has a comfortable lead of upwards of 32% percent.  All indicators show that Americans favor the Mormon over the Communist.  Oh, and one more thing:  We’re completely un-biased, just like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC et al.  Riiiiiight.



Scary hypocritical bitch and typical liberal douche, Pelosi.

Former NFL Head Coach Dennis Green is suing liberal douche bag wench Nanci Pelosi (D-CAL) and her husband for being cheap, lying bastards for defaulting on his contract.  Green was hired by Mr. Pelosi to be the head coach of the UFL’s Sacramento team in that awful league that Pelosi was part owner of (

Mr. Pelosi and his hypocritical former house speaker wife are worth millions and millions of dollars (Nancy Pelosi is most wealthy legislator:, most of which she garnered by special interest investing while writing policy as house speaker.  Greene’s salary alone could have been paid from her gross profits of one single investment while she was writing credit-card reform in the senate, while investing in Visa (

Instead, the Pelosi’s strung poor Dennis Green along after he had moved his family from San Diego to Sacramento and then didn’t pay him, instead nickel and diming him to the tune of $5000-here and there versus the $1.5-million they owed him.  Greene hasn’t been paid fully in a year and a half as the UFL sucks itself down a hole of misery as it was run by douche bags like Paul Pelosi and other non-football people who were looking to cash in and make a buck off the very things they typically hate and scoff at.


Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney campaigns in Ohio, slams Obama for negative campaign, invigorates crowd.  ZNN polls show Romney with a 68-point lead in Ohio and a 49-point lead as a whole in the US to defeat communist candidate Barry Hussein Obama.