Zimmer International Media Company and Industries is a global conglomorate of amazing services and products.

Our company…

Is the Worldwide leader in Sports Media, Fur, Timber, Pornography, Whale Oil, Textiles, Grade B Medical Sphincter Devices, Uranium Depletion, Entertainment and Weapons Development.

We Are…

An American company by Americans for Americans.  We keep America safe for Americans by being a world leader in global products and services for Americans around the world and making sure that even the most sensitive and potentially dangerous industries in the world are operated by Americans or on our authority.  We Keep America Safe, because we as a company have American balls, balls of steel, American steel, hard, rigid and powerful American muscle and steel, even though we don’t produce steel.  Our mission is simple, be the world leader in the industries Americans need whether they know they need it or not.  We are beholden to our share holders, who are American and believe in America.  ZIMCO aims to be the keeper of the flame of freedom for Americans by becoming the overlords of the world.  At ZIMCO we don’t just want global domination, we want American global domination and to be the overlords of all.  ZIMCO, we keep America safe.

We produce…

World class smarmy sports media.  ZIMCO owns and operates the International Kegerator Nation, ultimate sports media outlet www.kegeratornation.com and is now the proud owner of The Bunker line of sports media, entertainment and equipment.

As the global leader in exotic fur, ZIMCO is leading the way in keeping hot women with no clothes on other than high heels with an optional luxurious coat to wear out in public before showing up on her man’s doorstep and showing what the good lord gave her.  We buy, sell, trade and grow our fur in top notch factories around the globe to insure we have the best fur the world has to offer.

ZIMCO is big Timber!  We deal in the finest wood and wood products from around the world and are responsible for the finest Corn Hole boards in the world.  As the world wide leader in timber production, we employ scores of half-illiterate Canadians to cut down and clear cut forests around the globe in able to be able to produce our fine wood products for the American consumer.

We produce World Class Pornography.  At ZIMCO we aim to provide the best in all phases of pornographic entertainment and services.  We’re quietly building a porn empire that will include the finest ass the globe has ever seen.  We’re aiming at producing the best in erotica, filth and smut the the world has ever seen. 

When you think of precious Whale Oil, you have to think of ZIMCO.  Owners and partners with the largest fleets of Japanese research vessels, ZIMCO hunts, harvest and refines the best of valuable Whale Oil around the globe.  Whale Oil is an extremely valuable personal and industrial lubricant (much of which is used at ZIMCO’s porn division!!!), it’s also an aphrodesiac, fine salad dressing and additive in preservatives for preserving and weather proofing exotic furs!!!

ZIMCO also produces t-shirts in our textile division.

ZIMCO produces and markets the #1 growth surgical item in the world: Sphincter devices.  ZIMCO produces The Burrito Blaster and the Master of your Ass VI, Grade B anal sphincters. 

ZIMCO mines, enriches and depletes Uranium.  With our partners in the nation of Kreblakistan, we’re making the world safe by making sure that everyone has access to dangerous Uranium for the purposes of scaring the hell out of your neighboring countries, for energy in super safe nuclear power plants and for even more weapons that can destroy your neighbors or enemies around the globe.

With our Uranium depletion, ZIMCO is on the cutting edge of weapons development too.  Most of which, we can’t talk about.  Even to our share holders.

And now, ZIMCO is the proud owner of ‘The Bunker’ sports entertainment and outfitting.  With our flagship site, The Bunker at the Garage Majal, we are showing off the premier set-up in sports entertainment and comfort as well as alco-tech and restology.

ZIMCO is so much and more.  At ZIMCO we may not be the people you think, we may not be the company that makes the items you have, but we take care of all the things you really need, whether you know about it or not.  You need ZIMCO, you want ZIMCO, even if you don’t know it.  The corperate overlord for your future is ZIMCO and it’s share holders.

Zimmer International Media Company and Industries, is a privately held company that does business here in America and abroad.  While privately held in the United States, we do a wide range of business and stock trading around the globe including:
Kreblakistani Laundered Currency Market
Sudanese Stocks and Praise Ala Index
The Mali Cattle and Weapons Exchange
Zimbabwe’s Click-click-Moo-Cluck-Money-Diamond Market
The Vancouver Sin Stocks Private Trading Room
Kiribati Standards and Poors
The International Men of Leisure Wagers, Weapons, Stocks & Exchange
London’s Infamous Elite Sins and Sinners Wager Wagon
Canary Island off-shore Forum

We are proud members of:
The Bilderburgh Society
The International Men of Leisure
Unmarked Helicopters Limited
Dick Cheney’s America Group
PETA’s Worst Companies in the world (6-years running)
Greenpeace’s Most Hated Companies (11-years running)
Kreblakistani Currency Exchequer
The Kegerator Nation
SW Florida Chamber of Commerce
Blackwater Security Support
Porn Valley Vendors Association
Big Oil
Big Timber

And so much more.

ZIMCO, we own you.




Zimmer International Media Company and Industries (ZIMCO)