Carson Palmer and crew will play in Prime Time 3-times and be featured on National TV at least 3-more times than that in 2007.

Home schedule to start with back-to-back Monday Night Affairs against Division Winners, offers up hope in December for stronger finish than last couple of years

by Mike Zimmer, Bengals Honk

After the NFL jammed up the Bengals in 2006, giving them but one piddly Prime Time game on a Thursday night against Baltimore for winning the AFC North title the season previous, they seem to be trying to make up for it in 2007.   Cincinnati will play their first two  home games out of the gate on Monday Night Football and gers 2 other prime-time games later in the season.  

The schedule is tough  to start but offers some  let up later in the going if you want to refer to last season as a guide to how teams may fair this year.   Instead of playing 3-strait road games against division winners like they did last year, they get 4-teams that were under .500 in St. Louis at home, at San Francisco, home against the Browns and on the road to finish the regular season against Miami.   The killer however is that start which has them playing Baltimore to start the year,  on the road in back-to-back weeks at Cleveland and then accross country in Seattle before coming home for yet another MNF-er against New England.

My thoughts:
After a season where I had little expectations for the Bengals and apparently helped them under-achieve and  fall to my self-fulfilling proficy of finishing .500, I have no  idea what to expect  out of the 2007 version.   They are terribly flawed still, but they do have a ton of offensive fire power and some interesting bits on defense that make you think they’ll be competitive.   I think if  they can  split their first 4-games before their bye, they have a real shot at  being in the running later in the season.   I like the match-ups  between the Bengals and Chiefs, Jets, Cardinals, Bills  and Titans out of division as do I think they can win against all of their final 4-opponents.   They’ll surely split with B-More and Pittsburgh this year and they’ve got a real good  chance at sweeping Cleveland again.   That’s a 4-2 mark.   Throw in fames I think they can win  out of conference and you have a team that could be 10-6, 11-5 or perhaps 12-4 if they can over-achieve on defense and stay healthy.

Take a look for yourself…
Sept. 9th–      Baltimore             ESPN       8:30pm
Sept. 16th–  at   Cleveland             CBS           1pm

Sept. 23rd–at   Seattle         CBS       4pm

October 1st–  New England       ESPN       8:30pm

October 7th–   BYE WEEK

October 14th–  at Kansas City         CBS         1pm

October 21st–New York Jets   CBS     4:15pm

October 28th–Pittsburgh             CBS         1pm

November 4th–  at Buffalo               CBS         1pm

November 11th–at Baltimore     CBS       1pm

November 18th–Arizona                   FOX         1pm

November 25th–Tennessee       CBS         1pm

December 2nd–at Pittsburgh     NBC     8:30pm

December 9th–St. Louis                 FOX         1pm

December 16th–at San Francisco     NFLN     8:15pm

December 23rd–Cleveland             CBS         1pm

December 30th–at Miami       CBS       1pm

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