Week One of the 2007 NFL Season’s Monday Night Football schedule will kick-off in the ‘Nati

After getting the primetime shaft last season, the Bengals will start out this season in the limelight.

NFL also announces other week one Primetime games as well as Thanksgiving games.

by Mike Zimmer, Bengals Honk

For winning the AFC North in 2005 and making the play-offs, the Bengals were “rewarded” with only a single “Prime Time” game in 2006. And that was a Thursday nighter against B-More in the pouring rain, on the NFL Network in which almost no one was able to see. Well, the NFL has now rewarded the 2006 Bengals that went (8-8) and backed OUT of a play-off spot by losing their final 3-games and had multiple players arrested over the calender year by having them host the opening Monday Night Football game of the 2007 season. Again, we’re saddled with the Ravens. Oh well, beggers cannot be choosers right?

The Bengals last hosted Monday Night Football back in 2004 when the team beat the Denver Broncos 23-10. The team has never started their season in prime time to open their season with exception to their first ever game which was in San Diego back in 1968. As it looks the club could also get another prime time gig in the schedule and some featured Nationally Televised games with both New England and the New York Jets coming to town.

The announcement was released today after the owners were meeting in Arizona. The release on www.bengals.com also had the NFL annoucing the other games to start the season and the holiday Turkey Day football match-ups.

To open the season on Thursday Night September 6th, the Indianapolis Colts will host the New Orleans Saints on NBC. FOX has the opening weekend douyble-header with the Chicago Bears playing at the San Diego Chargers at 4:15pm and their Nationally Televised game. The Peacock Network will also have the Sunday night game with the New York Giants visiting the Dallas Cowboys. See the whole story from www.bengals.com HERE.

The Bengals hosting Baltimore will be the front end of a MNF double-header again with Arizona and San Francisco playing the night cap.

Kansas City won’t be hosting a Turkey Day game like they lobbied for and did last season. Instead Atlanta will host Indianapolis in Thanksgiving night on the NFL Network. Earlier in the day Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers will bore the crap out of us on FOX while CBS gets the much more intriguing match-up of the New York Jets at the Dallas Cowboys.

Cincinnati will also host home games beyond their AFC divisional games against Pittsburgh, Cleveland the Monday nighter against B-More, the before mentioned New England Patriots, New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans. Also they’ll host as NFC teams Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams.

Oh, and the team raised ticket prices again. Have I mentioned that once or twice before? Yes, I’ll be there, but it will cost me more to do so. Damn my vices!


Takeo Spikes was traded today to Philadelphia along with Kelly Holcomb for Darwin Walker and draft picks.

Former Cincinnati Bengals LB Takeo “no neck, no I don’t want to play for you Marvin Lewis because I don’t like to win” Spikes was sent packing from Buffalo today. He lands on his feet (assuming he won’t injur them or his achillies tendon) in Philadelphia to fill a need the Eagles desperately need.

He was traded with back-up QB Kelly Holcomb for bust Darwin Walker who the Bills won’t mind sucking as they try to become the worst team in the league. The Bills have recently traded away RB Willis McGahee and now Spikes, both very popular players and are looking to be a disaster in 2007. There are rumors spreading that perhaps the Bills could be the team that gets moved to Los Angelos or perhaps even Toronto once owner Ralph Wilson kicks the bucket. If they stink enough and they don’t get anyone to show up to see the steaming pile that they are quickly becoming then perhaps the team will then get to high-tail it out of one of the NFL’s smallest markets.