The Bengals defense had no answer for Alge Crumpler of the Falcons although they bottled up the Atlanta run game most of the day

Not enough Ocho Cinco and especially Tres Dos has Bengals offense questioning identity

Bengals pick their poision with Falcons offense, wind up making Ron Mexico…er…Mike Vick look like Joe Montana

Time for “Toast” to sit and the rookie to play

by Mike Zimmer, Bengals honk

If it weren’t for the LaRosa’s pizza and listening to the Stealers lose to the Raiders on my Sirius Radio–this would have been a crappy day.   I soothed my post-game anger with a much needed and missed LaRosa’s before heading back to Columbus from Cincinnati this evening and then chuckled to no end as Pissburgh choked one up against the previously (1-5) Oakland Raiders.   OK, OK, there were other things I liked about the day–but concerning the whole Bengals game expirience today in which the crowd was pumped, the weather imaculate and the Bengals played one good half of football–it sucked.   After an impressive first half of containing Mike Vick somewhat and bottling up the Atlanta Falcons vaunted running game and moving the football when they had it–Cincinnati laid a big old egg in the second half of bad football.   Penalties, stupid mistakes, an offensive identity crisis and not having an answer for the suddenly Steve Young-ish looking Mike Vick had the Bengals coughing up the lead and eventually losing 29-27.

Perhaps the Bengals O.C. didn’t know who the new guy was

Is it me or is Bengals Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski just a boob?   His players are now starting to question his “brilliance” with calling out the fact after the game that they abandoned the run waaaaaay too early, and once again decided not to throw the fucking ball deep.   He must just throw his pen at plays on his chart in the coaches box, because there is no rhyme or reason for the way the offense is stuck in neutral.   Chad Johnson’s funny if not rediculous “Ocho Cinco” routine was largely wasted on the day when Bratkowski and Palmer once again went to using Johnson as  a decoy.   Instead of trusting Johnson  and chucking it down the field in his direction 4 or 5 times deep a game–they threw it to him once deep and the  pass was overthrown.   Which–is OK, if you can utilize it to your advantage.   You need to do it a few more times to open up the run game and push those safeties deep and make the  LB’s think twice about hugging the line.   The absence of “Tres Dos” or the other Johnson–as in 1,000-yard  Running Back Rudi Johnson after the first quarter was just inexcusable.   With only a cursory effort at running the ball after a six carry, 32-yard opening drive for a  TD, Ruid carried only 7-more times on the day against a somewhat soft Falcon’s run defense.   What the fuck is that?   See what they said:

Despite the offensive question of who they were and what they are doing–they were still in the game  despite the fact that the  Falcons were taking advantage of every missed oppertunity.   I was not pleased  with the defense, but considering  what Atlanta is capable of  doing in the run game, the Bengals picked a  poison and were in the game at the  end of the day.   In  jamming up the Falcon’s run game they  put the game on the shaky shoulders of Mike Vick and the Atlanta passing  game.   Vick in turn started emulating Steve  Young and channeling Joe Montana’s accuracy in the process.   Most times, the herpes infected Ron Mexico…er…Mike Vick has  failed the test of being the guy to  beat you on his own.   However, last week against Pittsburgh and  again today he looked the part of a QB that took full advantage of what was being offered him by a defensive scheme.

To that effect, the Bengals had no answer  for Tight End Alge  “It’s what  whales eat” Crumpler who  Vick found over and over on the  day including  a 17-yard dagger that helped keep the clock moving late into the game in the 4th quarter.   Crumpler was Vick’s safety net all day in grabbing what seemed like 24-catches for 900-yards and a TD on the day.   Here’s a fantasy tip for all of you and a heads  up to any team that is going to play the Bengals in the near future: If you have a Tight End that can catch the ball and has a pulse, he can catch 10-balls for 100-yards without breaking a sweat.    So if you have Todd  Heap  of the Ravens–start him next week–because the Bengals don’t have an answer for the TE and seemingly never have.   To be honest–this is where the injuries to the defense really do take their toll, as inexpirience in the Line  Backing corp is killing the Bengals.

On the other side or that is a guy who is long on expirience but starting to get sloppy and slow at his craft.    Tory  “Toast” James has been victimized more times this season than Ben Roethlisburger can count after he takes off his shoes.   He got beat a couple of times on the day including by Ohio State’s Michael Jenkins on a 33-yard TD catch.   James needs to sit and the rookie  Jonathon Joseph  needs to take his spot.   The  speedy Joseph has shown  in nickle situations that he can play and cover and there is no reason that the Bengals shouldn’t throw him into the fire and have him get the expirience he needs in this league.   I mean why not?   James isn’t cutting it as it is, and Joseph isn’t going to do much  worse.

All in all,  the  Bengals wasted  an oppertunity to take a game against a beatable team and a crowd that was as loud as  they have been all year.   The natives are getting restless and for good  reason.   Sure, it’s a tough schedule and the Bengals are probably playing to their abilities considering all of the injuries and match up problems.   However, the coaching seems to be getting in the  way of the offense  and even the players are now booing the play calling along with the crowd.   Perhaps they need to get out last year’s highlight reel and take some freaking notes on how to move the ball on offense and  figure out how the hell to get out of their own way.