Former NASCAR racer and current NBC and TNT race analyst Benny Parsons

1973 NASCAR Champ and fan favorite in and out of the car, Parsons, diagnosed with Lung Cancer

by Mike Zimmer

Benny Parsons, known to many as just ‘BP’ is a fantastic embassador for the sport of racing.   He was one of the guys I liked when I first started watching racing way back in the early 1980’s.   He is now, a great announcer on the NBC/TNT team that broadcasts NASCAR.   The 65-year old was diagnosed with Lung Cancer very recently.

Parsons who last smoked a cigarette in 1978 is optimistic about his prognosis after one day of treatment and all signs are positive for a possible winning battle against the disease.   Parsons is intent on working thru the treatment that will include Chemotheropy and Radiation treatments.  

The wily country boy from the foothills of North Carolina actually spent a great amount of his youth in Detroit growing up and eventually drove a cab in the motor city.   He often put “Taxi Cab Driver” as his occupation on race entry forms.   He was active from 1969-1988 in NASCAR winning the championship in 1973 over such legends as “King” Richard Petty and David Pierson.   As I stated earlier, his #55 Skoal Bandits car he drove in the mid-1980’s was one of the cars I always rooted for.   Now, I like him very much as an announcer.   I sincerely hope that his recovery is within his grasp and that he continues in the high capacity he currently shows off during NASCAR races.

Get Well BP.   Thoughts and prayers are with you.