Freak, child molester and general train wreck: Jacko.

Elvis will always be the king and he never touched little boys unlike MJ…

Chad OchoCinco is typical in what is wrong with America in mourning Wacko Jacko…

Seriously people, get over it sooner than later.

by Mike Zimmer

I’m as forgiving as the next guy, but there are some things that are almost never something that can be let go or forgiven.  Michael Jackson is dead, and that’s sad because once upon a time he was a superior entertainer and cultural icon.

However, what stands out to me is, he’s been a complete train wreck and freak who touched little boys.  Now that he is dead, he can no longer molest the children he has or hold them hostage in his creepy wacked out world.  Michael Jackson hasn’t been the Michael Jackson we all knew as kids and whether we admitted it or not enjoyed his music.  He hasn’t been a serious star in a looooooong time and he’s been more of a joke than an icon.  His reputation as being nuts and fondling little boys and plying them with ‘Jesus Juice’ really kind of made me immune from feeling sad or even remotely taken aback at his death.  to be honest it’s more tragic that Farrah Fawcett lost a courageous battle with cancer which she was agonizingly sharing with the world.  Not overly-self medicating and dying from self inflicted malaise that was complete and total mental break down that could have been avoided.

Seriously, my sisters loved him and anyone from my era knows how freakin’ huge this guy was.  But in the end, it has not phased me in the least that he’s kicked the bucket.  In a way, it’s a release:  for him, for those poor kids and the circus that surrounded him and his family.

However, there are those out there that don’t exactly feel the same.  There are some out there that are absolutely crushed by this like a beloved member of the family dying.  Or as if Elvis had died.  Trust me, that was sad, MJ just isn’t.

Yeah 8-5, MJ kicking the bucket is just as bad as 9/11 you fucktard.

Chad Ochostinko said on twitter…tweeted…twitted….whatever, I don’t “tweet” that quote:

Okay, first Mrs. Fawcett now Mr. Jackson, please tell me that this is a mistaken rumor, if not this is just as sad as 9/11 

Despite back tracking some on late tweeterings, the cat was out of the bag and you can’t really take back an absolute asinine thoughts.  Chad, you’re a moron and there may be no fixing that, but Jesus Christ man, that’s weak.

And here lies the problem with America in general.  If Chad Ochostinko and the rest of the world are falling over themselves about a child molester and absolute whack job who was horribly flawed, they probably do indeed feel it was as bad as 9/11.  That’s sad commentary on America and why we’re in the precarious spot we currently find ourselves in at this point in history.

Jesus Christ this has had me just…annoyed.

I mean, are we one day going to cry over OJ???  I mean, he was an absolute wizard on the football field, magical at his craft, brilliant in front of a camera and an icon of an era in pop-culture until that whole little thing where he nearly cut his ex-wife’s head off in killing her and her lover and then that whole kidnapping thing.  I guess I forgive him and will miss him the day he’s shanked in prison by “the real killer”.