hillies Closer Jonathan (Pappshmear) Pappelbon supposedly offered to pay Jim Thome $5000 for saving his ass after blown save.  Thome delivered a walk-off homer against the Rays in a pinch-hit role Saturday night.

The Lotion, a devout Reds fan, thinks that if Jim Thome cashes Pappshmear’s check that the Phillies closer should be tossed out of baseball for gambling ala Pete Rose…

Uh, I don’t know if that’s technically gambling or just a bonus…but still, I’m betting no such check exists, at least after the PR people told Papps and Thome to keep quiet about any such deal…

 Hmmm…let’s see, Rose was a degenerate gambler who bet on baseball games.  Papps threw the baseball player’s equivalent to a $5 personal wager of skill…I’m not sure it’s the same.

by Mike Zimmer, Braves fan
Content forwarded by The Lotion

Ah, Reds fans.  Poor devoted to the past Reds fans, they just can’t understand how Grandma Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame no matter how big of an ass hole or how bad his sins were.  And, when anything improper comes up, they point and prod and go “Ahhhhh!!!  Look!  Look!  They should throw that guy out of the game for life!!!”.  Yeah, no.

Does Pete Rose deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?  Yes.  Is it stupid that the MLB is keeping him out?  Yes.  Was he a schmuck who deserves to stew a little and wait as punishment for his sins considering they were pretty bad?  Probably.  However, does Jonathan Pappshmear Pappelbon telling Jim Thome he’d give him $5000 for saving his bacon and winning the game for the Phillies by hitting a homer gambling?  Uh, no.

Pappshmear apparently offered Thome the friendly wager of $5000, or the baseball player’s equivalent of a buddy-style $5 bet if Thome could end the game in his pinch-hitting role Saturday night.  That of course was after Papps had just blown the save for the Phillies in the bottom of the 9th by allowing the Rays to score twice off of him and tying the game.  Thome hit a 2-2 pitch off of Rays reliever Jake McGee, his 609th of his career to win the game for Philly and apparently prompting the story to grow that Papps had offered him some dough to do just what he did ( http://m.espn.go.com/mlb/story?storyId=8089807&wjb).

The Lotion, a devout Reds fan was all up in arms and sent me a link simply saying that if Thome cashed the check, Papps should be suspended and thrown out of baseball for gambling.  I respectfully disagree.

First I’ll bet the Phillies brass wise to such implications were quick to quash any kind of talk about a “wager” or anything like it.  Thome repeated in an interview he hadn’t been paid.  I bet it stays that way.  Second, this isn’t Pete Rose betting on his Reds teams, or not, tipping off gamblers every where who were in the know to place their bets.  This wasn’t Rose lying and being a douche for some 20-years and making the transition to looking like an old lady instead of The Hit King.  As a Rays fan, I was just unhappy to see the game end in another loss.