he NBA commissioner is perhaps one of the biggest horse anuses in all of sports.

Smug and arrogant David Stern responds to a legit if not prickly question over the NBA’s fixed draft lottery, and asks the absurd, completely without merit question to interviewer Jim Rome, “Do you still beat your wife”…

This wasn’t just a typical playful but combustible interview with Stern by Rome, it turned rude, conceited, arrogant and smug, and is just another reason to hate the inferior product that is the NBA and professional basketball…

Where is the mainstream media to report on this story???  ESPN and other sports news sites ignoring what was essentially an offensive and glib league commissioner dissing someone.  No matter if it was Jim Rome, it still proves how smug a horses ass Stern is.

by Mike Zimmer, The NBA Sucks

Love him or hate him, Jim Rome knows how to ask a direct question.  I like Jim Rome, I miss hearing his show radio show (not on in SW Florida).  It used to be must-listen radio for me as a sales guy.  Every year, the rather arrogant and smarmy Rome interviews David Stern about this time of year.  Though I intensely hate the NBA and could care less what jack ass David Stern had to say, the interview was always entertaining and had a degree of intensity about it that is refreshing when it comes to sports journalism and the willingness of a league comish to engage in up front and direct questions.  Rome’s  relationship with the commissioner to this point has been contentious, but it has always rang playful and within a degree of jocular tongue in cheek ease.  Rome has said in the past he likes Stern even if he has some legit questions about what goes on in the dictatorship that is Stern’s run as NBA commissioner.

However, that took an unexpectedly ugly and off-color turn today after Stern proved without a shadow of a doubt that he may be the most smug, arrogant horses ass in all of the sports world by degrading Rome on his show even as the hot-headed and rather smug in his own right Rome.  Where Tiger Woods is quite possibly the most smug and arrogant athlete that doesn’t get it, Stern may trump him as being the most smug and arrogant figure in all of sports for his terse, out of line and down right offensive behavior and comments on the Jim Rome show today.

The NBA commissioner didn’t like Rome’s question over whether the NBA had fixed the Draft Lottery, considering that the league owns the New Orleans Hornets (who won) landed the top pick and the prospective top pick had a Hornets hat on hours before the draft.  While it’s an out-there and hearsay kind of question, in the pantheon that is the Jim Rome Show and the audience at large that would hope a radio show host had the balls to ask the question, it wasn’t out of line at all.  The way Rome phrased it too, was not offensive.

However, in response, Stern was.  He asked Rome if he “Still beat his wife” which is absolutely without merit and without any basis.  It was terribly crude for a commissioner of a “major league” to say too.  Rome handled it well at first but as Stern pressed on and started to smug up the host and pick at Rome’s up front tactics it turned ugly.

You don’t have to feel bad for Jim Rome.  He’s pushed buttons, winning a few and losing a few arguments in the process and either winning over or pushing even more fans away.  However, what David Stern did was out of line and worthy of news reports to show how offensive his behavior was.  Yet, it’s no where to be seen.  Stern is a fucking ass hole. He should be called out for it.  He’s one of the worst figures in sports and yet he’s allowed to get away with completely degrading a journalist and being completely offensive on air.  How is that fair?

Listen to the rather short interview here:

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