Rest In Peace brother.

Swamp people loses one half of their freaky Swamp brother duo…


Mitchell Guist had a seizure working on his house boat project and died at age 48 last week…

No more stories of eating Gar Fish, Squirrels or Nutria :(

by Mike Zimmer, History Channel Junky

This site is quickly becoming an Obituary page.  Yet, it’s what’s been in the news of late.  Sadly, one half the Swamp People brother’s duo has died.  Mitchell Guist, of the Swamp People brothers who inhabit the swamp and eating it’s plentiful bounty in between drinking beer, fishing for Gar fish and finding drowned swamp logs for use in constructing parts of their house, died last week at age 48.

Apparently Guist had a seizure and died shortly there after (

Big B and I have had fun imitating the brothers of late, especially the somewhat high pitched voiced Mitchell who was the younger of the two outlandishly authentic swampers with long beards, bad teefs and questionable hygiene.  Seriously, talking about any task and channeling those two is a laugh riot, especially in any escapade involving food.  Very sad stuff.

Rest In Peace Brother.