F.A.N.S. (Fans for A New Start) show their disapproval and need for the removal of Blue Jackets loser GM Scott Howson and team president Mike Priest.

Scott Howson can’t even have the Blue Jackets lose enough to win the draft lottery…

Once again Columbus gets screwed in the NHL’s silly ping-pong ball contest and lose out on the first pick in the draft, leap frogged by Edmonton…

The fact that the team sent Howson to Toronto for the draw is disappointing considering he’s a boob that needs to be fired and no matter what pick they got, he’ll screw it up.

by Mike Zimmer, Go Pittsburgh and Detroit?

Amazingly enough, though they’ve been in 12 lotteries in 13-seasons (an epic measuring stick to how awful they’ve been and how lost they seem), the Columbus Blue Jackets have never picked first in the NHL’s draft.  And, despite finishing DEAD last in the league and with nearly a 50% shot at “winning” this year’s #1 lottery pick, they won’t again this year.  The reason?  Scott Howson.  OK, that’s not entirely true, but it just seems that way (http://www.bluejacketsxtra.com/content/stories/2012/04/11/lottery-odds-defy-jackets.html)

The Jackets were leapfrogged by the Edmonton Oilers (who are still cleaning up after the mess Howson made there and fired him over) and won the silly lottery and will have the overall #1 pick in June when the NHL holds it’s draft in Pittsburgh.  Montreal will pick after Columbus at #3 and the New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs following them.  What does that mean?  Well, if Scott Howson is the GM, it means the Blue Jackets will pick the one guy of the top 5 players that is the dud, just like him.  His thoughts on losing the draft lottery?

“It’s disappointing,” said general manager Scott Howson, who attended the lottery in Toronto. “My heart was pounding there when it got down to the final two spots.

“What this means is we might not get the top guy on our list. But it’s unclear who that player is just yet. We have to go through that process. We might still get that player, you don’t know. But if we don’t get that player, we’ll get a player who is very close to him.”

Uh, that’s…inspired thinking?  The guy just wreaks of loser.

Seriously, even if the club had won the lottery, the facts remain the same: they stink, they’re lost with Howson in charge and they’ll pick the wrong player anyways.  My thinking?  They’ll pick the super-soft Swede because his name is Forsburg and Howson’s has heard of that name before once…maybe.  Who knows?

My final thought is this:  If the city and fans went to the trouble of trying to save this team from moving, then wouldn’t the club want to go to the trouble of perhaps, just maybe, putting competent people at the helm and try to reward that loyalty with a winning team, or even a team that looks vaguely interested in winning?