My boy Mark Buehrle, now with the Miami Marlins.

Venerable veteran pitcher misses his spot in the rotation with the Miami Marlins this past week, diagnosed with ‘Dutch Elm Disease’…

Now in the NL, Buehrle is being tabbed to be the Marlins veteran innings eater, extending his streak and career…

But will father time and Dutch Elm Disease catch up with him???

by Mike Zimmer, Buehrle fan

I was forwarded this troubling story by an old friend from my home town.  She knows Buehrle’s my boy.  She used to know Buehrle back in the day too, and though she was the most popular girl at our high school managed to stoke a conversation with me about him at our reunion.  We’ve been tight since (insert laughs and winks here).  But the fact is, Buehrle is someone we both have followed.  The guys in my fantasy baseball league (The IKBL which has a new era start tonight with the general draft kicking off our season) know that Buehrle is my boy too.  I’ve had the venerable pitcher on my roster for each of the last 5-seasons, and 6 of the last 7-seasons.  Go ahead, make jokes if you want, call it a man crush, call it a thing, no matter, I don’t care.  Buehrle is my boy.

The reliable lefty almost retired last season but instead, left the Chicago White Sox and re-united with Ozzie Guillen in Miami to play with the Marlins.  I don’t know what that will mean for his future,  switching to the NL for the first time in his career nor his prospects as a valuable points gathering fantasy baseball player.  I do know that I need a new Buehrle jersey, a Miami one,  after having purchased a White Sox version last year (finally).

Troubling though, I got this article from my friend, which tells of how Buehrle missed his last scheduled start.  Worse, that he’s been diagnosed with ‘Dutch Elm Disease’.  The affliction, regularly fatal in old trees is probably bad for a pitcher in his latter 30’s (  Does this mean that the string of double digit wins, 220+ innings per season and being the staple of a rotation for a team in need is some how in doubt?

Don’t count on it.

Can I get him back with the band for another go this season on my fantasy baseball team?  Better believe I’m going to try.