“Shockey’s the snitch!!!”

NFL Network ANALYST Warren Sapp told by his bosses that he should ANALISE and not report, because he’s an ANALYST and not a reporter, over the “Snitchgate” fiasco…

Sapp REPORTED that Shockey was the snitch in the Saints “Bountygate” scandal on Twitter and NFLN, won’t be punished for it…

However, he might get his ass sued off by Jeramy Shockey.

by Mike Zimmer, Bungals fan

Warren Sapp has a big mouth.  He’s a boorish ass hole too sometimes.  But truth be told, he’s an entertaining breath of fresh air as an analyst on NFL Network, doing due diligence to the job as a former player with insight, understanding and some truth, even when it’s not what everyone, especially his bosses and those easily offended might want to hear.  Sapp tells it like it is, brings swagger of the player who admittedly played 100% and was an animal in the process.  He made no apologies for the way he played, even when on the borderline of being dirty and he makes no apologies now as a blunt analyst.

However, when he Tweeted and then reported on NFLN that Jeramy Shockey was the snitch who opened Pandora’s Box concerning the New Orleans Saints “Bountygate”, his bosses weren’t so happy.  In fact, they reprimanded him a bit saying that he should be an analyst and not a reporter (
http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/23/nfl-network-tells-warren-sapp-hes-an-analyst-not-a-reporter/) though, they had no problem when he reported other news players either phoned him, texted him or Tweeted, such as buddy and alleged murderer Ray Lewis telling him last season that he’d miss games due to injury.

However, NFLN won’t punish him (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/23/nfln-wont-fire-sapp-wont-comment-on-other-discipline/), not, at least openly.  Though he’s found trouble before because he’s always been a guy of questionable character, attitude and behavior, Sapp is still liked and respected as an analyst.

Accept, maybe not so much by Jeremy Shockey who is apparently considering suing Sapp’s ass because of the slander of the accusation that he was the snitch.  Another guy with questions about his character, attitude and behavior, Shockey was an easy target as the guy with an axe to grind that could have been teh snitch.  Hell, he may be.  However, whistle-blowers are protected by law and the fact is, even if he isn’t the snitch, it follows him and that’s Sapp’s fault for the slander/accusation (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/23/signs-currently-point-to-a-lawsuit-from-shockey/).

Isn’t the off-season fun?  Drama?  Stories about shit that doesn’t really matter?  Get us to the draft and training camp already!!!