Yeah, she’s gross and either didn’t plan ahead or left a full tampon in as she waddled up to sing at a funeral dressed like that.

Nasty pig Christina Aguilalalalala waddled up on stage at Etta James’ funeral and then menstrated down her leg…

A very late explanation from her camp says it was a “spray tan” gone wrong, which is a lie.  Even if it was, it’s still bad considering her big nasty vag was sweating that much…

Can we just put her out of her misery or are we still going to have to deal with this pig as long as we have Madge???

by Mike Zimmerererererererererererererererererererererererererererrrrrrrerererererererrrrrr, Music Lover

Disgusting pig Christina Aguilalalalala is no stranger to malfunction, whether it was butchering the music she is singing to looking like a drag queen to singing wrong lyrics or allowing menstrual fluid to leak down her leg during a funeral in which she was singing at while dressed like a high class hooker in a power suit.  Yep, the latest is gross and unfortunate (

The news of this horrible pig’s misfortune were largely washed under the bridge like, well, a flood of red/brown sludge.  The media and NBC are in love with this miserable drunken little wench so they news that she leaked her period down her leg during Etta James’s funeral was not widely reported.  Worse, no explanation came when it was leaked out on the intergooglewebnets via the blogosphere.  Now, there has been an admission of sorts:  her camp says it was self-applied spray tanner gone awry.  Uh, riiiight.  Gross (

If that explanation is true, which is clearly isn’t, that’s still gross.  That means her gross infected vag was sweating so bad and such vile that it melted spray tanner on her piggy trotters.  Seriously, how did this chick go from slutty looking hot mess to completely horrible nasty pig in like…no time?  Gross.