Florida State’s Ernie Simms is a heck of a football player despite not being able to remember his name and pooping his pants everytime the phone rings.

OLB-Ernie Simms–Florida State–6′ 228lbs.

Lions fans everywhere are glad the pick wasn’t a WR or a QB.   That being said, this isn’t the pick they had to be hoping for.   Simms had trouble staying healthy at FSU and hit himself into concussion after concussion.   With so many other needs, it is a bit of a surprise (then again with Matt Millen no it isn’t) that they didn’t try and trade down.

Our Detroit Lions corespondent is taking the tempreture of the Lions fans on the message boards and it is decidedly negative.

Rapid Fire!!! The Cardinals wasted no time and I am now BEHIND!!!   Next up, the free fall ends.